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TBI President Matt Engel

Temple Beth Israel is truly a very special place, and we are proud of our unique role as Port Washington’s only Conservative synagogue. Our congregation is large enough to have something for everyone and yet intimate enough for you to meet, know and become friendly with many of our congregants.

As important as our activities are, what truly makes Temple Beth Israel special is the warmth of the community and the people who are part of our synagogue. So many members have become lifelong friends through their temple affiliations. Countless members are there to support each other in times of happiness and sorrow.

Our congregation is very active both through committees and individually, with the common goal to work tirelessly to improve TBI and the Port Washington community. We offer a wide assortment of programming for our entire congregation. TBI education programs include a thriving Preschool, Religious School and Hebrew High, as well as a wide range of adult education and Lunch and Learn activities.  Social events range from Latkes and Vodkas, Monte Carlo Night, Comedy Club, Ethnic Dinners, Kids’ Bingo, and Mom’s Night Out, just to name a few.  And the TBI clergy and congregation are here support our community in times of need through visits to sick congregants, delivering meals to the homebound and home prayer services for those sitting shiva.

We want to meet you and hear from you. Let us share our second home with you in person.




Board of Directors





President:   Matthew Engel   Julie Greenblatt   Andrew Sollinger
Executive Vice President:   Rita Shumsky   Halona Gropper-Jaffe    Susan Stein
VP Ritual:   David Volpe   Beverly Hazelkorn   Scott tashlik
VP Fundraising:   Stacey Delich-Gould   Meridith Krell  
VP Administration:   Louis Silfin   Laura Landau Sisterhood Co-Presidents:
VP Education:   Dale Gindi   Jennifer Latner   Alisa Schindler
VP Education:   Eden R. Kasle   Susan Levin   Michelle Mondschein  
VP Membership:   Betsy Golan   Lane Palmer  
Treasurer:   John Teeger   Mitch Rosen  Men's Club President:
Financial Secretary:   Steve Castar   Andrew Schwartz   Jon Brooks
Corresponding Secretary:   Andrew Silver   Lon Seidman  
Recording Secretary:   David Cooper   Jeff Siegel